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Ohio BWC gives a third billion back

Ohio employers respond to proposed rebate

Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) Administrator/CEO Sarah Morrison joined Gov. John Kasich today to propose a $1 billion rebate for Ohio’s private and public employers, the third such rebate since 2013. If approved by BWC’s Board of Directors, the proposed rebate, along with previous rebates, credits and rate reductions, would total $6.3 billion the agency has saved Ohio employers in workers’ compensation costs since the start of 2011. Morrison also announced BWC is developing a major safety initiative to help protect the safety and wellness of Ohio’s workers.

Here’s what Ohio’s employers are saying:

Business Associations & Central Ohio

“Under the leadership of Governor Kasich and Administrator Morrison, the BWC is improving on many fronts, and today’s announcement is just another example of how the agency continues to be responsive to the economic needs of employers while improving services to injured workers. Money going back to the employer only happens because of prudent financial management and operational efficiencies. The announcement today is another example of the BWC working to make Ohio’s workers’ compensation system a competitive advantage for Ohio.

Eric Burkland, president, Ohio Manufacturers’ Association

“On behalf of our 25,000 members, NFIB/Ohio applauds the BWC’s strong fiscal management and continued efforts to return more employer dollars back to employers. These latest rebates will again help to stimulate Ohio’s economy through reinvestment back into their businesses. Past BWC rebates have been used by small employers to expand their businesses, hire new people and create workplace safety programs."

Roger Geiger, vice president and executive director for The National Federation of Independent Business/Ohio

“Once again, the Governor and BWC have taken action to help keep Ohio competitive in the workers’ compensation arena. Today’s announcement to return a billion dollars to Ohio employers is a pleasant surprise and will serve as another building block in helping to improve Ohio’s economic climate, maintain jobs and attract new business to the state.”

Andy Doehrel, president and CEO of the Ohio Chamber of Commerce

Northeast Ohio

“This give back is evidence of the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation’s accountability to Ohio employers. The City of Ashtabula appreciates the bureau’s willingness to return surplus funds. While we already actively manage workers comp claims and take advantage of any BWC programs we can to reduce expenses, this will help directly reduce some of the burden on other City funds in 2017."

Dana Pinkert, finance director, City of Ashtabula

“The City of Youngstown welcomes the significant rebate that we will be receiving and commends the BWC for its efficient handling of its finances.”

Rebecca Gerson, deputy law director, City of Youngstown

“Trucking is a very competitive and capital-intensive industry. A sizeable rebate from Ohio BWC will allow us to reinvest in our fleet.”

David Hochstetler, chief financial officer, Wooster Motor Ways, Inc.

“Canton City Schools is very excited to hear the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation will once again be issuing premium refunds. Our refund will allow us to continue to provide greatly needed academic opportunities to the students and families of Canton.“

Jeff Gruber, treasurer, Canton City Schools

Northwest Ohio

“Workers’ compensation costs are a major line item for all businesses in Ohio. This rebate will provide companies the ability to invest in additional training and education, while enhancing the health and safety of current and future employees. On behalf of Ohio businesses, we appreciate and respect the understanding of Governor Kasich and the BWC Administrator to value the needs of businesses and owners in Ohio.”

Beth DeLaney, president, Mid Ohio Employment Service, Inc.

"I appreciate the thoughtful decision by Governor Kasich and BWC Administrator Morrison to support Ohio’s safety conscious employers, large and small, through another workers’ compensation premium rebate. This rebate will give Darke County employers the ability to reinvest in their businesses and safety programs. Thanks to the Governor and BWC for their efforts in making Ohio a more competitive environment for business."

Sharon Deschambeau, President-Darke County Chamber of Commerce

"Having ANY money coming back our way from the state is great, but this kind of sizable re-investment in our business really proves that Governor Kasich and the Ohio BWC have our state on the right track for growth and job creation. It's great to know that we have an administration that is not only talking big job creation in Ohio, but they are also putting up the financial backing to make it a reality."

Erik Flick, VP/ COO, Flick Packaging Co., Galion, Ohio

“Safety is our No, 1 priority and we appreciate the BWC’s recognition of how safety and controlling our workers’ compensation costs are not only tied together, but critically important in building Ohio’s infrastructure.”

Bradley Miller, P.E., president, Miller Bros. Construction, Inc., Archbold, OH


“It is outstanding that the Ohio BWC has given back for the third time $1 billion to all Ohio companies who pay a worker’s comp premium. The 66 percent can again be reinvested into workplace safety.  We are proud to work so closely with the Ohio BWC. Together we encourage our area employers to implement safety education and resources into the daily work routine, allowing for a safe environment and a reduction on workers’ compensation costs.   We are so proud to be a part of a system that gives back!”

Carrie Ankrom, president/CEO, Marietta Area Chamber of Commerce

“Once again, we appreciate BWC’s investment in safety and for sharing the success of the agency’s performance with employers. The proposed rebate shows the BWC’s commitment toward reducing costs for Ohio’s employers.”

John Dumbola, Hopedale Mining LLC, Hopedale

“We are excited to receive a rebate from the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.  This rebate will help us expand our current training and development programs and will also allow us to continue to invest in proactive employee safety initiatives. Our Jackson, Ohio frozen food plant is the largest manufacturing facility in our network, and Bellisio Foods is proud to partner with the State of Ohio for the benefit of the community.”

Ken Stickevers, president and COO, Bellisio Foods, Inc., Jackson

“Thank you for the exciting news today regarding the significant worker’s compensation premium refund. Certainly the business community never expects to be receiving a check FROM any government entity, so we are delighted to be receiving a premium refund check this summer. Honestly, even more important than the cash is the reality that our state government, starting with Governor Kasich, is committed to work with government, education and the private sector to make Ohio a great place to build a business.“

Michael Linton, Accurate Heating and Cooling, Chillicothe


“This is positive news. The Bureau of Workers’ Compensation and the state are working with employers so they can continue to do business in Ohio and bring new businesses to the Buckeye state. There are still difficult challenges ahead for companies and this rebate will help them tremendously.” 

Kert Radel, president, Fairfield Chamber of Commerce

“We’re pleased to hear of the BWC giving money back to employers. We appreciate their efforts to help Ohio businesses.”

Robert T. Henderson, CFO/treasurer, Ford Development Corp. Cincinnati

“As a public employer, a large percentage of our expenditures are related to personnel costs, including workers’ compensation premium costs. We consistently strive to manage those costs while still providing the services that our citizens expect and deserve. This rebate from the state will help us to ensure that we are able to provide those services at the levels the citizens expect. I applaud the state for returning these funds to Ohio employers.”

Timothy Werdmann, Esq., director of Human Resources, City of Hamilton

“We greatly appreciate the commitment to safety that BWC provides for our employees through workers' compensation coverage, safety grants, safety and health resources and rebates/money-back opportunities. These allow us to successfully manage our environment and activities in a proactive, safe-minded manner, and ultimately help to minimize worker injuries and illnesses.”

Cynthia Eghbalnia, MPH, CIH, Environmental Health & Safety Manager, Cincinnati Public Schools

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