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CareWorks Introduces Redesigned Online Injury Reporting Center

Many CareWorks customers are using www.careworksmco.com to report new injuries to us through our Injury Reporting Center. We are pleased to announce our newly redesigned Internet reporting option will be available for use on Monday, July 11, 2016. Our existing Injury Reporting Center will close permanently at 3:00 p.m. on Friday, July 8, 2016.

For many reasons, our web-based system is an improvement over a paper form and fax reporting option

  • First, it eliminates paperwork and gives our customers a one-stop electronic form for timely injury filing.
  • Second, it eliminates confusion or delays created by misspellings or illegible handwriting through its data-entry interface.
  • Third, all reports are saved in the system and are listed by date submitted and submission name.

Step 1: Log In
Visit the Injury Reporting Center by clicking on “Report Injury” in the top right corner of www.careworksmco.com. On an initial visit, users are requested to “Create an Account.” On subsequent visits, users will log in with their selected Username and Password.

Step 1 screenshot

Step 2: Create an Account
Complete each field on the account creation screen.

Step 2 screenshot

Step 3: Report an Injury
Once an account is set up, click on "Create New Form.” After entering an injured worker's first and last name, a record can be saved and accessed again at a later time if necessary. When logging back in, click on “View Injury Reports,” and select the report’s name to pick up where you left off.

Step 3 screenshot

Step 4: Enter Report Information
Complete each section and click the “Save” button at the bottom of the screen. Desktop users will scroll to navigate between sections. Mobile users can either use the “Step” icons at the top of the form or the “Next” button at the bottom left. Desktop users will not see a symbol, but will receive validation messages upon submission. Mobile users will see red exclamations where issues exist in a section and green check marks when a section is completed correctly.

Step 4 screenshot

Step 5: Complete Report
Once all required information has been entered click the Submit icon at the bottom of the screen. A confirmation message will be received. Users may receive feedback upon submission if there are validation errors or required data is missing. Once an injury report is submitted it is no longer editable by the user.

Step 6: Website Features
You have the ability to view incomplete, as well as submitted injury reports from the View Injury Reports menu. Your personal user information can be maintained through the Edit Profile menu.

Step 6 screenshot

Step 7: Customer Support
If you need support in setting up your account or completing an injury report, please email cwhelp@careworks.com or contact CareWorks Customer Service at 1-888-627-7586 and ask to be transferred to the Help Desk.

Data Exports for Past Users of our Injury Reporting Center
Any customer that used the previous version of our Injury Reporting Center can request an export of all injury reporting data stored online. To request this information, please contact CareWorks Customer Service at 1-888-627-7586 and ask to be transferred to your individually assigned Account Executive.

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