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Quality Initial Care Key to Effectively Managing New Workplace Injuries

September 19, 2013

Helping your injured employees receive high quality initial care is a key first step to managing your claims, achieving successful return to work and controlling overall claim costs.

Although injured workers in Ohio are allowed to seek treatment from any BWC-certified provider for their injury, employers can assist them by making recommendations.

By developing a partnership with local preferred providers, you can be better prepared when a new injury occurs, helping your employee get the timely, quality care they need to begin their recovery process.

CareWorks encourages our customers to develop strong relationships with local BWC-certified initial care providers (urgent care and occupational medicine facilities, etc.) who provide quality care with a return-to-work focus.

Your CareWorks Account Executive can assist you in recommending quality providers in your area and developing workplace posters listing your preferred care centers or hospitals and the steps to follow should an injury occur.

Having a process in place to handle new injuries and knowing the proper steps to follow can often make the situation less stressful for both the injured worker and their employer.

To learn more, contact CareWorks customer service at 1-888-627-7586 and ask to speak with your individually assigned Account Executive.

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