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Big Day for Ohio Businesses as BWC Approves $1 Billion Rebate and a Premium Rate Reduction

June 5, 2013

On May 30, 2013, the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation’s (BWC’s) Board of Directors unanimously approved:

  1. $1 billion in workers’ compensation rebates for public and private employers; and,
  2. A 2.1 percent premium base-rate reduction for private employers.

Employers can expect their rebates to be approximately 56 percent of last year’s premiums. The rebate checks may be mailed as soon as late June or early July. The base-rate reduction for private employers will take effect July 1, 2013, but BWC will not set public employers’ rates until the fall. For more information, follow this link to read BWC’s complete press release of the Board announcement.

This initiative was originally announced by Governor John Kasich on May 3, 2013. To see more details about BWC’s initial rebate announcement, follow this link to the CareWorks news section.

Seasonal labor brings focus on safety and injury reporting

For many employers the summer season is a busy time of year. Adding seasonal and part-time employees means you should consider taking some time to promote safety awareness with all new hires.

If your efforts can help prevent even just one injury claim, the time invested was worthwhile. Remind new employees to report any near-miss or close-calls injuries that were avoided as well, so you can take the necessary steps to correct any potentially hazardous situations and prevent future injuries.

Unfortunately, even the best awareness measures can’t prevent every injury and accident from occurring. To be properly prepared should an injury occur, request CareWorks injury reporting packets for your company.

Each packet includes basic instructions for the supervisor and employee to follow, including a BWC First Report of Injury (FROI) form, a CareWorks I.D. card and a Key Information card with all of our contact information.

We can even customize your packets specific to your company, which can include:

  • Pre-populating required fields on BWC’s FROI form with your unique information, ensuring your company’s information is accurate. This can reduce the chance of employer and policy reporting errors, and simplifies the reporting process.
  • Personalized CareWorks Managed Care Organization (MCO) I.D. cards can list the appropriate contact at your company, so healthcare providers can communicate with you directly, if necessary, about the initial care your injured employee receives.
  • A list of your preferred initial care providers (urgent care centers, occupational health facilities or even hospital emergency rooms) can be included in the packet as well; so your employees will know where to go should an injury or accident occur.

To learn more about our customized injury reporting packets, call CareWorks Customer Service at 1-888-627-7586 and ask to be transferred to your assigned CareWorks Account Executive. Or, click here to download a copy of our standard injury packet in PDF format.

Thank you for continuing to support CareWorks as your workers’ compensation managed care organization (MCO). We look forward to sharing more news and information to help you best manage your workplace injuries and promote healthy lifestyles for your valuable employees.

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