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CareWorks Extends Reputation as Central Ohio’s "Best Place to Work"

November 12, 2009

Direct excerpts from Business First newspaper reporting on the CareWorks Family of Companies being named the “#1 Large Best Place to Work” for the fourth time in five years.

The CareWorks Family of Companies doesn’t cut corners in giving recognition to its employees, but CEO William Pfeiffer knows there’s something else they want even more these days.

“In today’s tough economic environment, our associates’ primary concern is keeping their job and being able to take care of their families,” he said. “It is our responsibility during these tough times to provide them with strong leadership, consistently communicate the direction of our businesses, remain open and up-front about the challenges we face, and share with them the strategies we are putting in place to overcome our challenges.”

That communication appears to have paid off. CareWorks, which manages medical care for workers’ compensation claims, has owned the top spot among nominated large companies in Columbus Business First’s annual Best Places to Work program four times in the past five years.

What’s behind the nearly perennial honor for the 850–employee company? Pfeiffer said it’s CareWorks’ balance of work and fun along with a continued focus on promoting within to build loyalty among employees and customers. In the past year, it also has helped management to listen as much as communicate, he said.

Employees in the past year have said staying healthy is a priority, and that’s why CareWorks has had more workers receive free flu shots, on-site mammograms and skin cancer screenings than ever before. Weight watchers enrollment has spiked to an all-time high.

“This means our associates are placing more value on health awareness activities and we need to adjust what we do to meet their needs,” Pfeiffer said.

Amid a stronger focus on new ways to keep employees happy and healthy, other features stay the same.

“Recognizing and rewarding our associates when they are providing exceptional service to our customers isn’t anything new and will continue to be a centerpiece to our success,” Pfeiffer said.

CareWorks continues to reward employees with gas cards, gift certificates and other benefits while also making sure employees approve of how discretionary spending is done in today’s rough economy.

And the company still rolls out the red carpet to recognize associates on each of their five-year anniversaries.

“We like to do things a little differently than other companies, not just to be different, but to create a culture of teamwork,” Pfeiffer said.

That approach led to one success in the past year. Employees in the company’s CareWorks USA division expanded case management services into a new area: Family and Medical Leave Act administration.

“It was a natural extension of our case management services and allowed us to create new opportunities for growth,” Pfeiffer said. “We listen to our associates, encourage them to take personal pride in their work and make valuable contributions to our company’s success.”

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